What To Expect

Biblical Premise

Growth will always bring challenges to an organization’s operations. It is recorded in the sacred text of the New Testament, particularly the book of Acts, that the church experienced significant growth. That growth became problematic in Acts 6. Luke explains that as the church was growing, neglect became evident in that the Hellenistic widows were being disregarded in the daily distribution. The apostles proposed the solution to choose men from among the people that could manage the situation so that neglect could be resolved, allowing the church to continue to grow through the spread of the word of God. This implementation resulted in the church continuing to multiply as people were added to the number of believers (Acts 6:7). Acts 6 is the premise for “The Nehemiah Next Level of Up Summit.” We believe that ministry (service toward God’s people and beyond) works in concert with the message. To this end, if a church desires to maximize its growth, there must be the presence of a strong message undergirded by a ministry that addresses the neglect.

Learning Modules 

This summit is a multi-faceted learning experience that is inclusive of several different learning modules. We recognize that church growth and development is not a “one size fits all,” but it is possible and likely that churches exist at different stages of development. To this end, needs can vary. We hope to provide a module that will be relevant to the specific context of the ministry team. 

Leadership Development Track (For Those Who Are in Roles of Leadership)

This learning module is designed to impart information regarding essential leadership characteristics that impact the working environment of an organization. ue nisl consectetur et. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes.

Biblical Leadership Training Track

This module explores the biblical model and government of the New Testament Church, emphasizing the local leadership of a congregation. Special treatment is given to the interrelation and interpersonal nature of the Minister, Elder, and Deacon relationship.

Organizational Management Track (Theories and Strategies of Growth)

This learning module will explore the various strategies and methodologies for the effective management of an organization.

Personal Growth Track – For all Members of the Church

This module is created with every member in mind and intended to emphasize aiding members of the body of Christ to discover their gift and purpose.

Esther's Place Women's Track

Esther’s place invites all women to come and learn their place in the construct of leadership, influence, and impact. Women from across the country have been asked to share biblical insights and experiences related to finding their place within the movement of the Kingdom.

What are the benefits?

Ministry Growth
Leadership Growth
Personal Growth