SAVE THE DATE: NOV 8-10, 2023

The Nehemiah NEXT LEVEL Summit

Atlanta, GA

“This event promises to be a groundbreaking summit that takes ministry to the next level.”
~Dr. Orpheus J Heyward

SAVE THE DATE: NOV 8-11, 2023

The Nehemiah NEXT LEVEL Summit

Intentional: Operating With The Sphere of Purpose

Atlanta, GA

“This event promises to be a groundbreaking summit that takes ministry to the next level.”
~Dr. Orpheus J Heyward

What to expect

The Nehemiah Next Level Up Summit is an impactful church growth and development conference that aims to strengthen the ministry teams of churches in collaboration with their leadership. This transformative event serves as a platform for church leaders and preachers to come together and explore innovative strategies and cutting-edge methodologies in order to adapt to evolving church culture.

Learning Modules

This summit is a multi-faceted learning experience that is inclusive of several different learning modules. We recognize that church growth and development is not a “one size fits all,” but it is possible and likely that churches exist at different stages of development. To this end, needs can vary. We hope to provide a module that will be relevant to the specific context of the ministry team. 

For Those Who Are in Roles of Leadership:

This learning module is designed to impart information regarding essential leadership characteristics that impact the working environment of an organization.

This module explores the biblical model and government of the New Testament Church, emphasizing the local leadership of a congregation. Special treatment is given to the interrelation and interpersonal nature of the Minister, Elder, and Deacon relationship.

Theories and Strategies of Growth:

This learning module will explore the various strategies and methodologies for the effective management of an organization.

For all Members of the Church:

This module is created with every member in mind and intended to emphasize aiding members of the body of Christ to discover their gift and purpose.

Esther’s place invites all women to come and learn their place in the construct of leadership, influence, and impact. Women from across the country have been asked to share biblical insights and experiences related to finding their place within the movement of the Kingdom.

You are invited to become a part of this experience.


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