Dr. Paul Day

Dr. Paul Day completed his formal education in the DISD school system and graduated from Irving High School in 1992. After graduating from Irving High, he furthered his education by attending Southern University (Baton Rouge, LA) and graduated from Dallas Christian College with a Bachelors Degree in Ministry & Leadership. Dr. Day has also received a Masters Degree in Christian Leadership from Criswell College in Dallas, Texas and has a Doctorate of Theology from Andersonville Theological Seminary in Georgia.

Dr. Day was blessed to have the opportunity to serve the Lord at the early age of 23 when he was appointed as Youth Minister to the Cliff View Church. After spending 5 years as the Youth Minister, he was offered the Senior Minister position at Beckley Heights Church at the age of 28. He was blessed to serve that congregation for 4 years. While at Beckley Heights, the congregation made many strives towards Kingdom building. Pastor Day began with Oak Gardens Church on Feb. 11, 2007. On the first Sunday, the church began with 153 members and currently has over 500 members actively involved. Oak Gardens has secured a 56,000 square ft. facility in Dallas, Texas. The sky is the limit with God’s help for Oak Gardens.

David Watkins

Minister Watkins is the leader of the Twin City Church of Christ. He has completed four years of the ministerial bible curriculum of Southwestern Christian College and is currently in pursuit of further education. In regards to experience, Evangelist Watkins has served churches in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas before being planted by God in Texarkana. The Lord has been gracious enough to allow him to travel the country extensively preaching the good news of Jesus. The success of Minister Watkins and Twin City Church of Christ is only attributed to the grace, glory and mercy of Jesus our Lord and Savior.