Dr. Darwin L. Mason, Jr.

The Art of Delegation: Empowering Others to Fulfill Potential

Dr. Darwin L. Mason, Jr. is a servant leader who has spent the past 20 years molding young minds in the classroom; leading diverse faculties in suburban and urban districts and independent schools; and guiding adults, teens, and children in their faith walks with God. His ability to lead and change organizations enriches positive cultures at schools and churches across Middle Tennessee. Dr. Mason serves as a thought leader, minister, volunteer, counselor, coach, missionary, youth leader, organizer, and mentor to children and adults.  

Dr. Mason, currently the Minister at the Hillsboro Church of Christ, has ministerial experience at both the Hart Street Church of Christ and Shrader Lane Church of Christ in Nashville, TN. This involvement, plus his extensive educational experience at Ensworth School, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, and Franklin Special School District, combine to inspire those in the Hillsboro Church Family and beyond to be the hands and feet of God in the world. Dr. Mason believes the people of God must remain faithful to the biblical principles and practices that shape the understanding of mission while being open to new contexts and challenges that may require churches and individuals to adapt their approach. His time as a preacher, teacher, and ministry leader continues to reaffirm the Christian mission is not a human endeavor but a participation in God’s redemptive work in the world, guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit, and ultimately leading to the fulfillment of God’s kingdom.  

Whether in the classroom or in the pulpit, Dr. Mason is a visionary leader who is known for creating a climate that emboldens productive struggle. He continues to prove strategic leadership and vision creation, tailored to an organization’s needs, cultivates a positive culture.   Dr. Mason contends that intentional focus on people and an organization’s mindset is critical to celebrating culture, which is vital to organizational development. Because of his successes at Nashville-area schools, Dr. Mason also shares his wisdom in cultural competence with other current and aspiring instructional leaders as an Arbinger trainer and as an adjunct professor at Lipscomb University and Motlow State College. Dr. Mason looks forward to further integrating his educational and ministerial experience as an adjunct professor in Lipscomb University’s Bible Department in 2024. 

Dr. Mason holds a B.A. in music vocal performance and psychology from Fisk University, an M.Ed. in administration and supervision from Tennessee State University, and a Master of Theological Studies and an Ed.D. in Learning Organizations and Strategic Change from Lipscomb University. 

Dr. Mason values family first and foremost! He has been blissfully married to Kayla for 16 years. His daughter Deryn is a seventh-grade student at Ensworth School, and his son Darwin III is a second-grade student at Ensworth School.