Tim Anderson Jr

Spirit: Building a Culture of Complimentary Ministry

Tim Anderson, Jr. is a native of Kansas City, Kansas, and a distinguished leader in his field.
Currently serving as the Director of Resident Services in the Montgomery Housing
Authority, Tim has a rich background in leadership and community development, having
held various positions in Indiana and Kansas.

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Tim serves as the CEO of Cleveland Consulting & Co.
in Montgomery, Alabama. During his tenure, he has displayed remarkable leadership
skills and spearheaded innovative initiatives. Tim’s dedication led to national recognition
from the National District Attorney’s Association (NDAA) for his exceptional work in
family violence through his tenure as Executive Director of the Montgomery County
District Attorney’s Office Department of the Helping Montgomery Families Initiative.
Through strategic partnerships, he improved program quality, introduced new techniques,
and developed trauma-focused strategies to assist families impacted by community

Tim’s academic journey is equally impressive. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical
Studies from Heritage Christian University then pursued a Master of Science degree in
Human Services from Amridge University. Additionally, he completed the course
requirements for a Master of Arts degree in Marriage & Family Therapy while at Amridge.
Currently, Tim is in the dissertation phase of a Doctorate of Ministry in Family Therapy,
focusing his research on the unique impact of divorce on African American families.

Recognized for his progressive leadership style, Tim has been actively involved in church
communities across Alabama, Indiana, and Kansas. His focus areas have encompassed
youth and family ministry, leadership development, campus renovation, community
partnership, and racial reconciliation. Tim’s dedication to empowering others has taken
him across the United States and internationally to Italy, the Bahamas, and Guatemala,
where he conducted workshops on family dynamics, leadership, and spiritual growth.

As the CEO of Cleveland Consulting & Co., Tim has provided invaluable consultancy
services to schools, churches, and business organizations. He has tackled critical issues
and needs, ranging from organizational assessments, decision rights, and change
leadership to capability assessments and planning strategies. His expertise and unique skill
set will now benefit the Montgomery Housing Association, where he aims to increase
opportunities for residents by providing essential resources for stability, self-sufficiency,
and financial empowerment.

Tim’s personal life is anchored by his faith in God and his loving relationship with his
wife, Jamia, and their five beautiful children. Together, they find fulfillment in supporting
one another and contributing positively to their community.