Thomas C.L. Thomas

Building Evangelistic Momentum: Growing Not Swelling

Thomas C.L. Thomas is the Ministering-Evangelist of the Roosevelt-Freeport church of Christ (June 2019). Bro. Walter Maxwell chose to pass the ministry baton of 50-plus years to Thomas in continuation of the Kingdom Mandate to make disciples. Thomas has prepared and is continuing to grow in his means to lead God’s people into a discipleship relationship with Jesus. 

Thomas has accomplished the following, academically:

    •    Sunset International Bible Institute, Ministry certificate of completion, 2000

    •    Ambridge University, BA, 2006

    •    Southern Christian University, MS, 2009

    •    Biola University, MA, 2013

    •    Liberty University, Current PhD coursework (ABD) 2020

    •    Adelphi University, CASAC-T 

    •    Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor,2021

    •    Century Anger Management, 

    •    Credentialed Anger Management Counselor, 2022

    •    Certified Life Coach Institute, 

    •    Certified Professional Coach, 2022

    •    Master Certified Professional Coach, 2023

Thomas is the author of “The Four Pillars of Evangelism”, which is a practical tool for sharing a first-century message in a 21st-century world, and “One-on-One For Anyone”, which is a tool to explain and equip an individual for teaching the simple Gospel plan to an honest seeker.

Thomas previously served as the Minister and Evangelist for the Normandie church of Christ in Los Angeles for just over 5 years. Thomas served with The Kings church of Christ with David E. Wilson in Brooklyn, NY where he worked primarily with the evangelism ministry.

Thomas contends that he is living a life purposed for God’s glory. He is not perfect but striving to be faithful over what God has given to his stewardship care.  

For Thomas, the purpose of his life is to BE A FULLY FUNCTIONAL DISCIPLE who makes disciples; TO COACH/COUNSEL people whose lives have been hijacked by the disease of sin; TO EMPOWER  AND SERVE those who are underserved, and TO ADVOCATE for the voiceless & unheard, the marginalized and those in need of a second chance SO THAT  “THE PROMISE of abundant living” as well as “THE POWER to become” are both discovered and manifested in the community in which he serves.  Thomas’ prayer is “God use me up doing good, and when YOU are done, bring me home!”