Dr. O.J. Shabazz

The Word of God: Relevant or Revelation

Dr. Shabazz is the evangelist at the Harlem Church of Christ in New York City, New York, where he has served for Twenty-three years. He is recognized as a national evangelist to the Churches of Christ, having preached the gospel in thirty-eight states and five foreign nations. Over the years, he has become widely known as a church builder, sharp administrator, and a biblical exegete.

Dr. Shabazz is married to LVR Shabazz; they have seven children, three girls and four boys (two of whom have preceded them in death), and nine grandchildren.

To date, he has served three congregations of the Churches of Christ in his ministry. For twelve years, he served as a minister to the Boulevard Church of Christ in Memphis, Tennessee, where the Church grew from 125 active members to 750 active members in eight years. As minister to the Eastside Church of Christ (where he served for six years), the congregation grew from 80 to 230 active members in five years.

Dr. Shabazz currently serves as a minister to the church of Christ in Harlem, New York City, where he has baptized over one thousand souls in the past twenty-three years.