Jonathan Givens

The Theology of Reconciliation- How it Works in the Church

Minister Jonathan Lamar Givens was born on February 26th, 1998, in Pontiac, Michigan to Barbara Givens and Timothy Bell. He matriculated at Oakland University School of Education. He holds an Associate of Biblical Studies and Advanced Teaching Certification from Midwestern Christian Institute out of Mt. Clemens, Michigan. 

He was saved at the age of eight under the leadership of Dr. Dallas A. Walker at Wyoming Avenue Church of Christ. He served under his leadership as a song leader and youth director. Dr. Walker after careful prayer allowed him his first opportunity to preach during a youth Sunday service in 2016. It was after this experience that Minister Givens realized that God had called him to serve in the preaching ministry. 

Jonathan Givens was officially ordained into the ministry on Sunday, June 13th, 2021 at Gray Road Church of Christ by Dr. Jeremy Flowers, Dr. Ramon Hodridge, Dr. Richard Price, Dr. Dallas A. Walker (virtually), and Bro. William Jones. 

Minister Givens has served in the capacity of youth director at Wyoming Avenue Church of Christ (Detroit, MI), Youth Minister at Elmwood Park Church of Christ (Detroit, MI), Assistant Minister at North Peoria Church of Christ (Tulsa, OK) and now is the newly elected Senior Minister at Southside Church of Christ in Montgomery, Alabama. While serving in previous capacities, his visionary leadership with the help of God has provoked phenomenal growth and innovation in the areas of youth, young adults, and outreach ministry. 

While serving with Dr. Blakney, at North Peoria Church of Christ, Minister Givens built a strong appetite for the ministry of social justice. He believes that every faith leader has a duty to speak out against any injustices that plague their members and the surrounding community. While serving in Tulsa, Minister Givens led and spoke at the 2020 & 2021 Pastors for Justice March in coalition with city clergy. He also sat on the “City-Pastors” advisory board which met monthly with local leaders such as the Mayor, Chief of Police, Chief of Fire, and the Sheriff of Tulsa County. 

Minister Givens believes in pushing everyone he interacts with to grow stronger in their faith and love for Jesus Christ. He is a firm believer that Jesus Christ died on the cruel cross at Calvary, but rose with all power in his hands so that we could have a chance to live again. Minister Givens believes in promulgating a thought-provoking, soul-saving, and deliverance-infused message that reaches across generational lines.