JK Hamilton

Exegetical Lab: The Ministry of the Thorn – An Expositional Look at 2 Cor. 12:1-11

JK Hamilton a New York native, is presently the Ministering Evangelist of the Mountain View Church of Christ, Dallas Texas. His ministry has been with the Mountain View family for over 21 years. He and his wife Carole have been married for over 25 years and together they have 3 daughters. 

J.K. Hamilton holds his Undergraduate Degree from Southwestern Christian College and a Master’s degree in Professional Development and Counseling from Dallas Baptist University. 

In his time apart from the pulpit, J.K. Hamilton is devoted to training and mentoring young men aspiring to go into ministry. He speaks at various churches, community events, conferences, and other venues locally, nationally, and internationally. In his downtime, he enjoys a game of noncompetitive golf, reading, and fishing. 

J.K. Hamilton is also a Chaplain with the Dallas Police Department and has also authored and co-authored various books and has written for many publications, periodicals, and blogs over the years.