Tradanius Beard

Intentionally Ministry Driven: The Difference Between Ministry and Community Service

Tradanius Beard is a native of Memphis, TN. Beard is married to the former Darlisha Tabor of 14 years. They have two daughters (Madison & Kelsey Beard) Beard obeyed the gospel at the age of 11 while visiting his grandmother for the summer in Ruleville, MS under the leadership of Bro. Billy C. Moore. The late great Nokomis Yeldell Sr. trained and developed him into a gospel preacher. He has been preaching the gospel for 21 years. Bro. Beard is currently the minister of the Northwest Church of Christ (church plant) in Southaven, MS where he has served 15 years. He holds a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in Alcohol and Drug services from the University of Memphis and a Master of Christian Studies with an emphasis in pastoral ministry from Grand Canyon University.  Beard is currently pursuing a Doctoral of Strategic Leadership degree from Liberty University. Beard’s motto for living is ” When you can’t understand the WHY’S of life trust the WHO that controls.

Stephen D. Holder

Embracing Technology in Worship: Fundamental Principles and Essentials

Stephen D. Holder hails from his hometown of Buffalo, New York, and he has cultivated his entire academic journey within this vibrant city. His quest for knowledge led him to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a Master’s degree in education, both proudly earned at Buffalo State University.

Post-academic pursuits, Stephen embarked on a fulfilling professional journey in the realm of Information Technology (IT). Over the years, he has amassed an impressive portfolio of expertise, obtaining an impressive tally of over thirty IT certifications from renowned industry giants such as Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Amazon, Nutanix, and CompTIA. Stephen’s thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there; he delved into the intricate world of government regulations and compliance, acquainting himself with the likes of the EU’s GDRP and the U.S. Code Titles 15 and 26. His commitment to excellence even secured him a prestigious U.S. Federal Government Public Trust Clearance.

With a career spanning two decades, Stephen’s IT experience has traversed an array of industries, including manufacturing, banking, construction, insurance, retail, education, non-profit, medical/hospital, pharmaceuticals, city administration, and the federal government/military. His profound grasp of business processes and overarching goals, particularly concerning high-level IT projects within these diverse sectors, positions him as an ideal choice. He excels in customizing presentations and speeches, tailoring them to suit the needs of non-profit organizations and religious institutions eager to incorporate information technology seamlessly into their worship experiences.

Beyond his IT prowess, Stephen is an avid driver, having clocked nearly 300,000 miles on his trusty Mazda. He proudly owns a SBA 8(a) certified federal government business and serves as the IT Director for the Southside Church of Christ in Durham, North Carolina. Fluent in both English and French, he currently calls Raleigh, North Carolina, his home.

On a personal note, Stephen’s spiritual journey began on Wednesday, July 15, 1998, when he became a member of the body of Christ during his attendance at the ‘Camp Hunt’ church camp in Hubbardsville, New York.

Session Description:

Empower Your Church for the Digital Age

In an era of perpetual technological evolution, it’s crucial for churches to grasp essential principles and fundamentals before embarking on a journey into the realm of church-centric technology.

The objective of this informative session is to enlighten churches that are keen on integrating technology into their worship services, and it’s equally beneficial for those already equipped with technology but seeking guidance on its optimal utilization. This session has been meticulously crafted to furnish churches and their leaders with a foundational understanding of technology in the context of worship, highlighting both its potential benefits and pitfalls.

Douglas J. Crozier

President and Chief Executive Officer and Ex Officio Non-Voting Director

Building Buildings and Building People (The Solomon Foundation)

Doug Crozier is the founding Chief Executive Officer of The Solomon Foundation and serves as an “ex officio” non-voting member of the Board. He served as the Chairman of the Denominational Investment and Loan Administrators (DILA) Securities Committee and worked hand in hand with state regulators and other denominational funds to help re-write the North American Securities Administrators Association, Statement of Policy regarding Church Extension Fund Securities in 2002 – 2004. From September 1997 to May 2004 he served as the Chief Operating Officer of Church Development Fund, Inc. in Irvine, CA and he was the President of Church Development Fund, Inc. from May 2004 through October 2010. He formerly served on the Board of Directors of Church Development Fund, Inc. from 1993 to 1997. He was also a founding board member of Stadia and Visioneering.  Over the past 43 years, Doug has held leadership positions in financial and real-estate institutions and served in various ministry leadership roles.  He is currently vice chairman and a board member of Lifeline Christian Mission.  Doug also serves as the Chairman of the board of DDI in Indianapolis.  Doug also serves on the board of CLI Capital, a mortgage REIT.  Doug holds a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Doug and his wife Julie attend Southeast Christian Church in Parker, CO.

Sam Morris Jr.

Creating a Church Culture of Innovation

Pastor Sam Morris Jr. is a remarkable man whose life has been a testament to his unwavering faith, tireless work ethic, impeccable design skills, and a heart filled with love and service. He answered God’s call to become ordained under Evangelist Jack Wooling in 2008 soon after selling his successful media company.

Since then, his journey as a Pastor has been nothing short of remarkable. With a divine vision and unique ability to connect deeply with people, he has impacted the BayNorth community and beyond. Under his leadership, the church has grown from humble beginnings to a sprawling 36,000-square-foot campus that meets the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of the community.

Pastor Morris’s passion for helping people is evident in everything he does. He provides specialized bible study classes for various groups within his congregation, including young adults, married and single individuals, youth, and even financial literacy training. He is wholly committed to fostering unity and providing healing and restoration to everyone who enters the church.

His dedication to serving his community is evident through his involvement in charitable endeavors and serving on boards and commissions in the City of Fairfield. Collaborating with private, state, and county agencies, he offers support and valuable advice whenever needed.

With his extensive experience as a speaker, teacher, and preacher, Pastor Morris is highly regarded for his timeless message of God’s word. People of all ages and backgrounds resonate with his warm and engaging disposition, combined with an unwavering faith in the Lord.

For Pastor Morris, family comes first, and he cherishes his wife, Sonia Morris, and their two accomplished adult children, Sammie III and Samantha. Quality time with them is his top priority.

Pastor Sam Morris Jr. is a man whose immense impact extends far beyond his immediate surroundings, leaving an inspiring impact throughout the brotherhood and the world. His journey as a devoted servant of God continues, and his contributions to the BayNorth community and beyond are nothing short of remarkable.

Thomas C.L. Thomas

Building Evangelistic Momentum: Growing Not Swelling

Thomas C.L. Thomas is the Ministering-Evangelist of the Roosevelt-Freeport church of Christ (June 2019). Bro. Walter Maxwell chose to pass the ministry baton of 50-plus years to Thomas in continuation of the Kingdom Mandate to make disciples. Thomas has prepared and is continuing to grow in his means to lead God’s people into a discipleship relationship with Jesus. 

Thomas has accomplished the following, academically:

    •    Sunset International Bible Institute, Ministry certificate of completion, 2000

    •    Ambridge University, BA, 2006

    •    Southern Christian University, MS, 2009

    •    Biola University, MA, 2013

    •    Liberty University, Current PhD coursework (ABD) 2020

    •    Adelphi University, CASAC-T 

    •    Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor,2021

    •    Century Anger Management, 

    •    Credentialed Anger Management Counselor, 2022

    •    Certified Life Coach Institute, 

    •    Certified Professional Coach, 2022

    •    Master Certified Professional Coach, 2023

Thomas is the author of “The Four Pillars of Evangelism”, which is a practical tool for sharing a first-century message in a 21st-century world, and “One-on-One For Anyone”, which is a tool to explain and equip an individual for teaching the simple Gospel plan to an honest seeker.

Thomas previously served as the Minister and Evangelist for the Normandie church of Christ in Los Angeles for just over 5 years. Thomas served with The Kings church of Christ with David E. Wilson in Brooklyn, NY where he worked primarily with the evangelism ministry.

Thomas contends that he is living a life purposed for God’s glory. He is not perfect but striving to be faithful over what God has given to his stewardship care.  

For Thomas, the purpose of his life is to BE A FULLY FUNCTIONAL DISCIPLE who makes disciples; TO COACH/COUNSEL people whose lives have been hijacked by the disease of sin; TO EMPOWER  AND SERVE those who are underserved, and TO ADVOCATE for the voiceless & unheard, the marginalized and those in need of a second chance SO THAT  “THE PROMISE of abundant living” as well as “THE POWER to become” are both discovered and manifested in the community in which he serves.  Thomas’ prayer is “God use me up doing good, and when YOU are done, bring me home!”

Dr. Leonard Allen

The Beauty of a Providential Movement: A Study of Restoration History

Leonard Allen is dean of the College of Bible, Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN. He has taught theology, ethics, and philosophy, serving as a visiting professor at Biola University, adjunct professor at John Brown University and Fuller Theological Seminary, and professor at Abilene Christian University. He holds a Ph.D. in History of Christian Thought from the University of Iowa and is the author of several books, including The Cruciform Church: Becoming a Cross-Shaped People in a Secular World; The Contemporaries Meet the Classics on Prayer; Distant Voices: Discovering a Forgotten Past for a Changing Church; and recently Poured Out: The Spirit of God Empowering the Mission of God. He is married to Holly and they have three children and five grandchildren.

Stacy B. Jones

Building a Cross-Generational Church: Are You Willing to Do What It Takes?

Stacy B. Jones is a devoted bi-vocational servant who passionately serves the MacDonald Avenue church of Christ in Richmond, CA,  the broader faith community, and the healthcare field. With unwavering dedication, he balances his roles as a spiritual leader and a healthcare administrator, embodying the principles of faith, compassion, and leadership in every aspect of his life.

Ordained with a deep sense of purpose, Bro. Jones brings the profound wisdom acquired through his bachelor’s (Abilene Christian University) and master’s degrees (Univ. of San Francisco), providing spiritual guidance and insight to his congregation. His sermons are a source of inspiration and comfort, touching the hearts of many with their wisdom and sincerity.

In his professional life, Stacy has excelled as a healthcare administrator, where his organizational skills and leadership shine. He has played a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of countless individuals, mirroring the same compassion he extends in his pastoral duties.

His loving family, including his beloved Nedra and three sons (Jalen, Davin, and Shane), stands as a testament to his commitment to nurturing not only his faith community but also his personal relationships. His life story is a remarkable fusion of faith, career, and family, providing a perpetual opportunity to share his convictions about the goodness of God.

G. Jason Walker

Worship Leader Training

The Worship Leader/Praise Team Development session is aimed towards equipping worship leaders & praise team members with hands-on tools and strategies to create powerful and meaningful worship experiences in any musical church context.  Our clinicians will walk you through comprehensive sessions that deal with all things related to excellence in musical worship as well as providing feedback to foster improvement.  This session will be facilitated by: G. Jason Walker, Amy Walker, Chasity Medlock, and Warren Blakney Jr.

Randall F. Tucker, Sr.

Intentional Leadership Development: Cultivating Leaders for Kingdom Influence

Randall F. Tucker, Sr. is the evangelist and minister of the South Union Church of Christ
in Houston, Texas. Baptized at the early age of ten, he has been active in the Lord’s
church since his childhood years.

Our minister is an alumnus of both Tennessee State University as well as the Nashville
School of Preaching. This year marks his 21st year of public ministry.

The specifics of his academic and professional background include a concentration in
Speech Communication and Theatre, Broadcasting, and Journalism, as well as elementary
and secondary education. He is a former science and history teacher, as well as a former
Basketball and Volleyball coach.

Additionally, he has worked in the government sector, serving as a representative for the
Division of Assessments for five years.

Having been exposed to public speaking at an early age, he has been recognized
throughout the nation as a prolific and powerful seminar specialist and in 2017 was a
recipient of the “Prolific Preachers Award”, which highlights top-level preachers of
Houston, Texas.

In twenty years of public ministry, God has blessed him to lead congregations in both
Tennessee and Texas. Under his leadership churches have grown both spiritually and
numerically. Through God’s grace, he has proclaimed the gospel on City, State, Regional,
and National Lectureships. Minister Tucker, has also been a speaker at the National
Crusades for Christ and serves on several boards of leadership throughout the state of

In summary, Minister Tucker has the gift of ministering to all types of people from
diverse backgrounds by illuminating God’s word so that it applies directly to today’s
world. Serving God is his greatest passion as he comes from a “pedigree of Preachers”,
becoming the 3rd generation in his family to preach the word of God. He credits his
upbringing in a Christian home environment as being a key factor within his ministry. He
and his wife have been married for 18 years and have three children.

Dr. Robert B. Brewington, Jr

Tracing the Fulfillment of Genesis 3:15: The Crushing of Satan

Dr. Robert B Brewington, Jr. is in his twenty-first year of service as Minister and Evangelist to the Eastside Church of Christ in Pontiac, Michigan.  He and his wife, Karen, have been married 36 years, are the proud parents of two children, Nikomus and Anika, and doting grandparents of Arielle Robbie.

Dr. Brewington received his formal education in the ministry at the International Bible College in Florence, Alabama. He has also attended North Carolina A & T University, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and Mira Costa Community College. Dr. Brewington holds an Honorary Doctoral degree from the Midwestern Christian Institute.

Dr. Brewington began his work in the ministry more than 30 years ago; he was baptized at the South English Street Church of Christ in Greensboro, North Carolina.  With a mission of Glorifying God through Saving Souls, Serving Saints, and Caring for People” he has served and ministered to several congregations throughout the brotherhood.

As an advocate of ministry both within and outside the body of Christ, Dr. Brewington believes the Lord’s church should be a powerful, relevant influence and tangible blessing to the community in which she resides. In North Carolina, he served as the State Religious Affairs Coordinator for the NAACP with Kweisi Mfume’s Voter Empowerment 2000. He is actively involved with several local and international community-enrichment-based organizations and has served with missions to Bermuda, Barbados, and Jamaica with I.A.M.M. (International American Medical Mission). He was, for several years, Chairperson of the Board for OPHS (Oakland Primary Health Services, Inc.), and is currently President of the nonprofit, Brighter Day Community Development Corporation, Inc.

Dr. Brewington is a passionate student of the Bible and his personal studies have led to the development of many powerful, biblically-based series he facilitates throughout the brotherhood. He also created the men’s ministry “In the Company of Men”, whose goal is to develop and empower men in the church.

As a man of God, Dr. Brewington looks to the word of God for his inspiration and direction; two texts guiding this stage of his spiritual journey are II Peter 1:4-10 and Psalm 1:1-3. These texts, he says, “Detail the anatomy of the things we, as followers of Christ, have access to that build faith and progress in our lives.  They are the undeniable, irreplaceable, keys to our success.”